We’re in Red!!!

Happy Lunar New Year!! Hope that the Year of the Cat Tiger is not bothering some doggies out there.. 🙂

Anyway, our humans have finally decided to put us in the right “colours”…

My favourite human, the Old Man likes Arsenal but my other human has claimed that I much prefer Manchester United and so, Rusty has to take the Gunners while, I am a Devils fan. Hehehe…

The human said that it was time that both of us have a jersey since the humans are big football fans. So, since the family is divided into 2 major support groups, it made sense to have 2 club jerseys.

The jersey does suit Rusty as he is very vocal about things… Kind of reminds you of a particular football club manager in the BPL? 😛

Well, at least the colours suit both of us well… 😆


Project Kill Ball

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post – Both Rusty and I have been busy trying to destroy every single toy we own.

Call it a conspiracy to get our hoomans to purchase new toys or call it our sheer “terrierist” behaviour in trying to kill every thing we own. We like to call it, our little JRT Toy Test Projects. 🙂

If you recall my very old post, I have always not been a fan of round things. Even when the hooman got me a nice ball from IKEA, I showed very little interest.

Anyway, about 1 year down the road, that same ball which my hooman bought has seen better days.

Here is what Rusty and I did.. within a span of a few days…

Notice the big hole??? 😆

Here’s my partner in crime… 👿

Soccer Fanatic

My hooman said that the soccer season is back in full gusto. So, they decided to get me a ball to get me familiar with the sport.

It’s a nice soft ball… I like the label better than the soft ball…


Anyway, I don’t opt to be the next David Beckham or Christiano Ronaldo but I do know where I’ll be every weekend when the TV shows a bunch of guys running around a field to chase a ball. I’ll be sitting close to the hoomans who seem to be cheering at Manchester United. My hooman owes me a jersey since I’m supposed to be a supporter of the team…

Meanwhile, I’ll just take a nap. ZZZZZzzzZZZZZ…..