Yes, We Would Like Some Woo Hoo Cats..

We heard that it was the Year of the Tiger… Woo Hoo!!

So.. It’s true then…

Anyway, here’s wishing everyone a wonderful Year of Cat Tiger… May you doggies be blessed with getting more bones, treats & toys from your humans… In short, if you humans have luck, so will you!



I Love My Mat

Snoopy loves her mat

I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve put up a post. Well, at least this is the start of me blogging again.

The house has changed as 2 small humans have come to live with us. I don’t know how they got here but according to my humans, the small humans are like puppies; who need a lot of love and care.

They shout, eat and poop alot but unlike puppies, can’t seem to walk or run yet. My guess is, the humans will have a long time to train them up.

Meanwhile, the humans have placed a lovely mat outside the house and I love it. It is a great place to have a sunbathe in the morning. Without fail, I will give the mat a little hug when I’m done with my sunbathing.

I love my mat mat…

Have You Missed Me?

I apologize for not being very barky lately…

My humans have been busy lately. One of them has been travelling around so often that we only get to see him 3 days in a week. *sigh*

The other human has been busy with work and running the other blog too.

Meanwhile, there is talk amongst the humans that we’ll be expecting more humans around our home soon. Seems that there will be little humans coming too. Hmmm.. Wonder what will Rusty do with them?

Ok. Time to get back to my nap… And Rusty to his smelly drain…


Yes, I’m sleeping… instead of watching over Rusty or the human, I’m sleeping.

There are days when you’re so tired, you just need a quick nap while on the job, no?


Cats! Cats! Cats!

Need I say more?

This is always the case. I will have to sound the alarm that the cat is at the back of the house. Rusty will reach there but he won’t do anything except to just whine and whine like a little puppy. As if that will scare that darn cat away.

There is always these cats who hang out behind the house making the most irritating noises. I don’t know what they are saying to each other but it gives me grounds to go and chase them away.

Rusty’s a little taller and so, he likes to stand on his feet to have a closer look. He has tried to jump over the fence to chase the cat but this time round, I think he knows that he can’t get to it.

In the end, all Rusty can do was stare at the cat(s) and just howl and whine at them. I know he was itching for a fight but the fence was just too tall for him to reach them.

After a while, the human took some water to chase them away… But I know… They will be back… One Day…

Spending Time With Ratty (or Rat-Rat)

Me *heart* Ratty

Me *heart* Ratty

I can’t say that I spend a lot of quality time with my toys… Not since Rusty came into the picture and tried to steal all my toys.. 😛

I woofed at my human to let me have Rat-Rat or Ratty. My human obliged. My “Woofi” skills must be improving… 😆

Ratty so soft..

Ratty so soft..

I know I’m not supposed to be playing toys in the house, but there was no one around. My brother was outside doing some stuff and I was bored. 


Give me my Ratty!!

Give me my Ratty!!

Here is my human trying to take my Ratty away from me!! It’s amazing that the human can take a photo without shaking the camera.

Me & My Ratty

Me & My Ratty

By the way, the Ratty is the rat toy which the human got from IKEA. I haven’t fully destroyed it yet. Every time I play with Ratty, I savour the soft fur and fleshy texture. There’s no squeaker but it feels good to  give Ratty a shake. 

Hmmmm.. I must get more toys to kill….

Rusty – Injured?

We’re not sure how Rusty got injured but he seems to have had a cut on his mouth…

Nooo… I don’t think the photo above led to how Rusty got his injury… I wonder if a cat did that to him. 😆

Human: Rusty is to suspected to be hanging around the fencing, a place which is supposed to be off-limits. Anyway, he’s a lot better now and the wound is healing well.