Yes, We Would Like Some Woo Hoo Cats..

We heard that it was the Year of the Tiger… Woo Hoo!!

So.. It’s true then…

Anyway, here’s wishing everyone a wonderful Year of Cat Tiger… May you doggies be blessed with getting more bones, treats & toys from your humans… In short, if you humans have luck, so will you!



Rusty’s Post: I’m Fixed?

I didn’t know that I was “broken”… The humans said that I’m now “Fixed” or “Twoodled”…

I’m not sure what that means but all I can say is that this “lampshade” makes me look like a super hero dog!

Don’t you think that it makes me look cool?

Human: Yes, Rusty has lost his “balls”. However, that doesn’t make him less of a dog. By Sunday, he was jumping and running around like usual. His aggression has not abated yet and yes, he still has the “hots” for the pillows and bolsters in the house..

Rusty To Visit The Vet

Rusty is waiting for Friday to go to the vet.

He’s got an appointment for a “small” operation there.

It’ll be the first time Rusty will be away from home ever since he was brought home from the pet store.

If you’re wondering what operation Rusty is going for… It’s to neuter him… ๐Ÿ˜›

Have You Missed Me?

I apologize for not being very barky lately…

My humans have been busy lately. One of them has been travelling around so often that we only get to see him 3 days in a week. *sigh*

The other human has been busy with work and running the other blog too.

Meanwhile, there is talk amongst the humans that we’ll be expecting more humans around our home soon. Seems that there will be little humans coming too. Hmmm.. Wonder what will Rusty do with them?

Ok. Time to get back to my nap… And Rusty to his smelly drain…

Cats! Cats! Cats!

Need I say more?

This is always the case. I will have to sound the alarm that the cat is at the back of the house. Rusty will reach there but he won’t do anything except to just whine and whine like a little puppy. As if that will scare that darn cat away.

There is always these cats who hang out behind the house making the most irritating noises. I don’t know what they are saying to each other but it gives me grounds to go and chase them away.

Rusty’s a little taller and so, he likes to stand on his feet to have a closer look. He has tried to jump over the fence to chase the cat but this time round, I think he knows that he can’t get to it.

In the end, all Rusty can do was stare at the cat(s) and just howl and whine at them. I know he was itching for a fight but the fence was just too tall for him to reach them.

After a while, the human took some water to chase them away… But I know… They will be back… One Day…

Rusty and The Drain

These days, Rusty has been sticking his nose into everything smelly, especially drains.

The human caught him in action the other day…

I’m not so sure why he finds it so fascinating.

He can spend the entire day just running up and down, smelling from 1 drain to another. :LOL:

The human will write more about it when the pics are ready. Meanwhile, I’ll just go back to my beauty sleep..

It’s Been A While

I miss writing my blog. *sigh*…

The human has been so busy that we haven’t had much time for fun lately. The human has been giving us toys and stuff, but it’s only fun if they spend time with us, right?

When is that human ever free???