Woof Woof!! New Year Is Here!!!

It’s a brand new barky new year… I can’t believe that 2009 is over just like that.

Anyway, my human is way behind on the posts. She has yet to post a bit on Rusty’s 2nd birthday. He’s finally 2 and still acting like a puppy..

Well, my humans gave us two lovely presents this year…

Yes.. Mr Santa Claus… Your face will be chewed up soon.

Doesn’t the star look like a big yummy cookie?

Both Rusty and I enjoyed our toys thoroughly. We’ll get our human to make a new posting about whether this was a successful “project’ or not.

Meanwhile, hope everydoggy and everyhuman enjoys the new year!!!!


New Year, New Look

Yessshhh!!! My human has the time to update the blog to a new look for 2009.

She’s still working on her own blog though. Kekekeke… 

Anyway, hope that the new year has been good to all you doggies and your human slaves companions! B-)