Barky Christmas & Woofy New Year!!!

Greetings & Salutations To All Doggies & Their Willing Fur-Slaves…

Hope that everyone has had a wonderfully barky Christmas. Did you all manage to wolf down some yummy Christmas treats like turkey or stuffing or those yummy sausages? 😆

Anyway, Rusty & I wish everyone a Happy New Year!! May 2010 bring more doggy treats and fun to all!!

P/S: I did get something nice for Christmas. Will blog about it later… 😛


Is The Christmas Tree On My Head?

I know.. It’s about 5 days more to Christmas… I’m wishing that Santa will do something about Rusty. 😛


My human is into photography and since we FINALLY got the tree up, she decided to snap a picture of the tree and myself in it. I was looking cool as usual, still as a statue, cool as a cucumber, waiting for the camera to do the job.

Looks like the tree is on my head, huh?

By the way, Rusty didn’t know that the tree couldn’t hurt him and when he saw it for the first time, he started BARKING at it! How silly is that! Anyway, the little fella is turning 1 on Sunday, so I think I might cut him some slack, or shouldn’t I? 😆

What Are Your Humans Doing To You This Christmas?

My human has neglected my blog again… She needs another bite in the bum-bum.

Anyway, she has been quite busy with chasing after the two of us after all. We are planning to “redecorate” the house and she seems to foil our plans EVERY time.

Well, one day, OUT OF THE BLUE, she decided to try something out with us…

Yes, I was caught off my guard for a bit. It isn’t fair. LETS TRY TO TIE SOME SCARF AROUND HER NECK WHILE SHE IS ASLEEP!!

If that wasn’t humiliating enough, she did this…


I’m soooo embarrassed. I bet you, the cats in the neighbourhood are laughing now…

Christmas Theme…

Woof Woof!!!

Ok… Ok.. My blog has turned red and green, wonder if I can see those colours. 😆

Anyway, the humans tell me that Christmas is coming which means only two things…

  1. They WILL dress either me or Rusty up to take cute photos of us
  2. FOOOD (and lots of it)

I’ll be dreaming of turkey and lamb and chicken and sausages and cakes and cookies and… 😛

So, how are your Christmas preparations coming along?