Doggie Day Out by MNAWF

Ahh.. My human has just gotten word that there will be an exciting doggy day soon!!

Here are the details…

Event: Doggie Day Out @ D’Park

Venue: Central Park, Bandar Utama

Date: 20th December 2009

Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm

More details can be found at this Facebook group –> Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation

I don’t think I’ll be able to come as the humans have some important event then… You doggies have fun, ok??


Do You Wrestle?

Not sure if you folks have seen this before but both Rusty and I were practising some WWE moves back then…

Meanwhile, my human is not posting much these days as she has to fix her computer… I wonder if it is because it has too much “poop”? 😛

I Love My Mat

Snoopy loves her mat

I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve put up a post. Well, at least this is the start of me blogging again.

The house has changed as 2 small humans have come to live with us. I don’t know how they got here but according to my humans, the small humans are like puppies; who need a lot of love and care.

They shout, eat and poop alot but unlike puppies, can’t seem to walk or run yet. My guess is, the humans will have a long time to train them up.

Meanwhile, the humans have placed a lovely mat outside the house and I love it. It is a great place to have a sunbathe in the morning. Without fail, I will give the mat a little hug when I’m done with my sunbathing.

I love my mat mat…

Rusty’s Post: I’m Fixed?

I didn’t know that I was “broken”… The humans said that I’m now “Fixed” or “Twoodled”…

I’m not sure what that means but all I can say is that this “lampshade” makes me look like a super hero dog!

Don’t you think that it makes me look cool?

Human: Yes, Rusty has lost his “balls”. However, that doesn’t make him less of a dog. By Sunday, he was jumping and running around like usual. His aggression has not abated yet and yes, he still has the “hots” for the pillows and bolsters in the house..

Update: Rusty To Visit The Vet

Humans have an update on Rusty’s “operation”.

His operation was completed in the afternoon and he’s just waking up from the anesthetic.

According to the the humans, he will be coming home tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I will have some peace at home.. Well, I do miss him a little…

Thanks everyone for your well wishes!!!

Rusty To Visit The Vet

Rusty is waiting for Friday to go to the vet.

He’s got an appointment for a “small” operation there.

It’ll be the first time Rusty will be away from home ever since he was brought home from the pet store.

If you’re wondering what operation Rusty is going for… It’s to neuter him… 😛

Have You Missed Me?

I apologize for not being very barky lately…

My humans have been busy lately. One of them has been travelling around so often that we only get to see him 3 days in a week. *sigh*

The other human has been busy with work and running the other blog too.

Meanwhile, there is talk amongst the humans that we’ll be expecting more humans around our home soon. Seems that there will be little humans coming too. Hmmm.. Wonder what will Rusty do with them?

Ok. Time to get back to my nap… And Rusty to his smelly drain…