I’m Sorry, Have We Been Neglecting You?

Snoopy says "hi"

A million apologies.

My humans have neglected my little blog for wayyy too long. With another two mini “bosses” to attend to at home, the human has had no time to update my blog.


What have we been up to?


Rusty has been busy with whatever he does best… Destroying all my toys while I’ve been enjoying my relaxation time.

Hope all you other doggies are fine.


Woof Woof!! New Year Is Here!!!

It’s a brand new barky new year… I can’t believe that 2009 is over just like that.

Anyway, my human is way behind on the posts. She has yet to post a bit on Rusty’s 2nd birthday. He’s finally 2 and still acting like a puppy..

Well, my humans gave us two lovely presents this year…

Yes.. Mr Santa Claus… Your face will be chewed up soon.

Doesn’t the star look like a big yummy cookie?

Both Rusty and I enjoyed our toys thoroughly. We’ll get our human to make a new posting about whether this was a successful “project’ or not.

Meanwhile, hope everydoggy and everyhuman enjoys the new year!!!!

Rusty vs The Basket

My brother Rusty is a dummy at times. This time round, he did something very silly…

He had dropped his frog toy by accident into the basket! HAHAHA!! 😆

I think it’s because it has become a habit whenever he wants to come into a room, the human will ask him to “LEAVE IT” and he automatically drops stuff from his mouth.

Now, see what happens next…

He tried pushing the basket from one place to another but it did not work. The frog refused to get out.

Out of frustration, Rusty just barked at the basket. Such a silly boy. The frog won’t come out like that. You need to get the human to get it out!

The human finally pushed the basket over for Rusty to get the froggy out. So, Rusty finally got his favourite froggy toy.

Rusty, you still have lots to learn. Bark at the humans to get them to work, not the other way around. 😆

Spending Time With Ratty (or Rat-Rat)

Me *heart* Ratty

Me *heart* Ratty

I can’t say that I spend a lot of quality time with my toys… Not since Rusty came into the picture and tried to steal all my toys.. 😛

I woofed at my human to let me have Rat-Rat or Ratty. My human obliged. My “Woofi” skills must be improving… 😆

Ratty so soft..

Ratty so soft..

I know I’m not supposed to be playing toys in the house, but there was no one around. My brother was outside doing some stuff and I was bored. 


Give me my Ratty!!

Give me my Ratty!!

Here is my human trying to take my Ratty away from me!! It’s amazing that the human can take a photo without shaking the camera.

Me & My Ratty

Me & My Ratty

By the way, the Ratty is the rat toy which the human got from IKEA. I haven’t fully destroyed it yet. Every time I play with Ratty, I savour the soft fur and fleshy texture. There’s no squeaker but it feels good to  give Ratty a shake. 

Hmmmm.. I must get more toys to kill….

I Want This For My Birthday

I want this for my b’day. Since my human is sometimes too busy to play with me, I don’t mind having this. Now, if it is only modified to throw Rusty… 👿

Project Kill Tigger – Updates

We finally did it!

We have successfully subdued Tigger!!

Here is the evidence:

Therefore, this project is labelled a SUCCESS!!!

Actually, this project has been successful because of Rusty’s efforts. He spent a lot of time and energy to get that pesky toy to burst open and have it spill out its contents. 🙂

The Last Day of 12 Days of Christmas

It has been a pretty quiet but busy Christmas here at home. And I’m all pooped out.

The humans had a quiet Christmas with the immediate family and a close friend. We all had some yummy local Malaysian food which Rusty and I tucked into. *Yum*

Ahhh, but the best part of Christmas for us doggies are the pressies!!!! We love pressies. So, here is what we got.


This belongs to Lucky. Although being very furry (as he’s a Pomeranian), the human felt that Lucky may need a dog t-shirt whenever he goes out. Both Rusty and I always don a doggy t-shirt so that we don’t dirty our white fur. However, despite all that, we both DO get very dirty when we go out. HEHEHE…


Rusty got a wooden dumbell to carry around! The human noticed that he likes to carry stuff in his mouth whenever he walks around the house. So, to stop him from stealing underwear and socks from the laundry basket, the human got him his dumbell. It’s pretty chewed up now.


As for me, the human got me a replacement banana toy as Rusty has destroyed the last one. I love squeaky toys.. :heart:

So, that was our Christmas!! Our New Year’s was quiet too as we rested after the holidays. Hope that 2009 will be a fantastic year for us doggies to get better treats and toys from our human companions!!!