I’m Sorry, Have We Been Neglecting You?

Snoopy says "hi"

A million apologies.

My humans have neglected my little blog for wayyy too long. With another two mini “bosses” to attend to at home, the human has had no time to update my blog.


What have we been up to?


Rusty has been busy with whatever he does best… Destroying all my toys while I’ve been enjoying my relaxation time.

Hope all you other doggies are fine.


We’re in Red!!!

Happy Lunar New Year!! Hope that the Year of the Cat Tiger is not bothering some doggies out there.. 🙂

Anyway, our humans have finally decided to put us in the right “colours”…

My favourite human, the Old Man likes Arsenal but my other human has claimed that I much prefer Manchester United and so, Rusty has to take the Gunners while, I am a Devils fan. Hehehe…

The human said that it was time that both of us have a jersey since the humans are big football fans. So, since the family is divided into 2 major support groups, it made sense to have 2 club jerseys.

The jersey does suit Rusty as he is very vocal about things… Kind of reminds you of a particular football club manager in the BPL? 😛

Well, at least the colours suit both of us well… 😆

Hard to Get Going Again…

Yes, it’s a brand new year…

I heard from my humans that this year is the Year of the Tiger… Does that mean that indirectly, it’s the Year of the Cat??

Anyway, both Rusty and I can’t be bothered… for the moment.. ZZzzzzZZZz….

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that we were overfed during Christmas/New Year. It’s just that we’re tired from entertaining our new toys…

Do You Wrestle?

Not sure if you folks have seen this before but both Rusty and I were practising some WWE moves back then…

Meanwhile, my human is not posting much these days as she has to fix her computer… I wonder if it is because it has too much “poop”? 😛

Rusty’s Post: I’m Fixed?

I didn’t know that I was “broken”… The humans said that I’m now “Fixed” or “Twoodled”…

I’m not sure what that means but all I can say is that this “lampshade” makes me look like a super hero dog!

Don’t you think that it makes me look cool?

Human: Yes, Rusty has lost his “balls”. However, that doesn’t make him less of a dog. By Sunday, he was jumping and running around like usual. His aggression has not abated yet and yes, he still has the “hots” for the pillows and bolsters in the house..

Update: Rusty To Visit The Vet

Humans have an update on Rusty’s “operation”.

His operation was completed in the afternoon and he’s just waking up from the anesthetic.

According to the the humans, he will be coming home tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I will have some peace at home.. Well, I do miss him a little…

Thanks everyone for your well wishes!!!

Rusty To Visit The Vet

Rusty is waiting for Friday to go to the vet.

He’s got an appointment for a “small” operation there.

It’ll be the first time Rusty will be away from home ever since he was brought home from the pet store.

If you’re wondering what operation Rusty is going for… It’s to neuter him… 😛