We’re in Red!!!

Happy Lunar New Year!! Hope that the Year of the Cat Tiger is not bothering some doggies out there.. πŸ™‚

Anyway, our humans have finally decided to put us in the right “colours”…

My favourite human, the Old Man likes Arsenal but my other human has claimed that I much prefer Manchester United and so, Rusty has to take the Gunners while, I am a Devils fan. Hehehe…

The human said that it was time that both of us have a jersey since the humans are big football fans. So, since the family is divided into 2 major support groups, it made sense to have 2 club jerseys.

The jersey does suit Rusty as he is very vocal about things… Kind of reminds you of a particular football club manager in the BPL? πŸ˜›

Well, at least the colours suit both of us well… πŸ˜†


My 4th Birthday Celebration…

My hooman finally took some time off (reluctantly) to complete my birthday post. πŸ˜›

Anyway, as some of you doggies know, I’m a Merdeka doggy, that means the country where I’m living and I share the same birthday – August 31st. So, every year, I don’t have to throw a pawty, the whole country throws a big pawty already! *snickers*

I started off my day doing my most favourite thing – worshipping the sun. Been doing it for the last 4 years… πŸ˜‰

After that, my hoomans decided to let me wear a new t-shirt!! woo hoo!!!

I also had two new things…

I didn’t get to do much and so, just decided to lie around to relax.

Then, my hoomans announced that I should be visiting my family, who happened to move a little closer now! Yipppee!!!

The first person I saw was my Mommy, Coco… She was really excited to see me.

Then, my Papa, Jojo also decided to greet me as well… But he had to wear the muzzle cause Grandpa said he was making too much noise.

Anyway, my Mommy and I were let loose in the house, while the boys went out for a long walk. They were making too much noise and so, my Grandpa decided to take them to the park near the house. Wished I could go with them.

My Mommy kept looking at the gate, waiting for my Papa, Tai Kor and their hoomans to come back from the walk. I think she wanted to go out and play too.

My hoomans took a lot of photos, including a bit of video. I don’t think my hooman will put up the video as it included me barking at my Mommy. My hoomans scolded me, saying that it was very notti of me to bark at my mother. Well, my Mommy was running all over the place and I didn’t like it.

Click on the photo to get a bigger picture.

My Tai Kor, Tubby came out to play after he and my Papa went for a walk. As you can see, my Tai Kor is much much bigger than I am.

The following photos are of my doggy family…

That’s my Old Man holding my Mommy. We sure do look alike. Hehehee… In fact, our pricked ear goes up in the same direction!

We gave some presents to my Mommy, Papa and Tai Kor. We hope that they like it! (^ ^)

After all the fun, we finally had to go home. I took a very long nap and so did my hoomans. I had something special for my dinner too.

At night, my hoomans got me a cake – blueberry yogurt so that we can all have it.

Ooo, I’m wearing a new baju which my Grandpa, Grandma, Mommy, Papa, Tai Kor and 3 other Hooman Siblings got me. It’s a nice yellow baju, very much the same like my Mommy’s. I think I may wear it when I go for the event next week.

The cake was really yummy. After an entire day of fun, it took me a while to get back on my feet. However, I can’t wait to meet up with my family again!

The Post You Waited For…

I’ve finally bit my human’s bum enough times for her to get the picture.

She has been busy with work as well as with the gym. She practically spends nearly a full day there. Arrrgghhh…

Anyway, a couple of weeks back, my human went on a short business trip. She got me a new t-shirt to wear… Suits my personality and all. πŸ˜›

So, the next photo is of me, wearing the new t-shirt. Note my “enthusiasm” .

Well, my cyst is not doing so good. Here’s a close-up picture of it. I may have to go under the knife again. Eeeeepp!!!!

So, since the vet will not be in on Monday, I’ve got to go back again on Tuesday to see what is the next option. *Sigh*…

Hanging In There

Hi everyone!

I’m doing OK so far. Right now, I’m not doing much exercises as my cyst is still healing. The medication seems to work! πŸ˜€

I’m not getting much treats but my human “Old Man” is still feeding me very late at night. So, I still go to bed with a pretty full stomach. My portion is smaller though.

Well, old habits die hard.

My other human bought me a new t-shirt (not in the photo) and it turned out to be a little too small for me. It is very sexy… hehe…

My human will take a photo of it another time. πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile, the human writing this blog will be traveling for a littleΒ  bit and so, my blog will not be updated until late this weekend. So sorry for that folks! However, she did promise to buy a few things when she gets back from the business trip.

Sooooo.. until then, I’ll be around. πŸ˜›

新年快乐!!! (Happy CNY)

Here I am with my favourite human on the 1st day of CNY.

I even got an “ang pow”!! (^_^)

This means that I can buy my own bones, toys and even some yummy treats.

BTW, I’m sporting a new outfit. Hehehehe…

However, the year of the dog is over for the Chinese but it is always the Year of Dog for me!! Woof!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

My Humans Love Me!!!

Another year has passed!!

The concept of time is quite oblivious to me, a dog. All I know is when it is night and day, where my humans are and the concept of weekends. Other than that, the passing of another year, is just oblivious to me.

My humans decided to let me wear a new baju (t-shirt).

Here I am with the “So-Cute So-Cute” Human. She is called this because whenever she sees me, she would yell, “Snoopy, so cute!!! So cute!!”

Here I am, with my most favourite Human, “Old Man”. He feeds me, plays with me, bathes me, basically, my all important slave…

Last but not least, is my human, known as “Big one”. She’s the one who buys my stuff like clothes, food and treats and the ocassional squeaky toy. She’s my play mate and personal trainer. She’s the one who is teaching me manners and tricks. I don’t need both, as I’m a perfectly well-mannered lady…

Anyway, 2007 is here and as usual, I would like to wish everyone best of health, joy and happiness. I hope that I hear less news about doggies being bad, mistreated and hurting other humans because of their humans poor treatment of them.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt …

Hehe… A new item for my wardrobe… And… A new chewtoy… My furslave has done well…

If you can’t read… (Because you’re a dumb Doberman…) My teee-shirt says “Von Dog”. If you must know, its one of the more fashionable labels in dog chic. If you don’t know what is chic, better refer to the Fab Five for some tips!!

Hmmmm… Ok… ok.. I’ll have to admit.. Blue is not my colour… I’ll have to chew on my slave’s fingers for getting this wrong. Its ok… That gives me perfect justification to go shopping! What else can a girl do?

If you’re wondering, my chew toy is a sandwich, not a hotdog. It makes a lovely squeaky noise that makes me want to kill it. I think I have killed my furslaves hearing because they can’t seem to hear me bark these days!

Oh yea, my eyes are never so green. Got to bite my furslaves hands for this one.. AGAIN!!

Meanwhile.. Ciao babe… I’ll be hanging out by the porch with Squeaky McSandwich here…