Hard to Get Going Again…

Yes, it’s a brand new year…

I heard from my humans that this year is the Year of the Tiger… Does that mean that indirectly, it’s the Year of the Cat??

Anyway, both Rusty and I can’t be bothered… for the moment.. ZZzzzzZZZz….

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that we were overfed during Christmas/New Year. It’s just that we’re tired from entertaining our new toys…


Do You Wrestle?

Not sure if you folks have seen this before but both Rusty and I were practising some WWE moves back then…

Meanwhile, my human is not posting much these days as she has to fix her computer… I wonder if it is because it has too much “poop”? 😛

I Love My Mat

Snoopy loves her mat

I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve put up a post. Well, at least this is the start of me blogging again.

The house has changed as 2 small humans have come to live with us. I don’t know how they got here but according to my humans, the small humans are like puppies; who need a lot of love and care.

They shout, eat and poop alot but unlike puppies, can’t seem to walk or run yet. My guess is, the humans will have a long time to train them up.

Meanwhile, the humans have placed a lovely mat outside the house and I love it. It is a great place to have a sunbathe in the morning. Without fail, I will give the mat a little hug when I’m done with my sunbathing.

I love my mat mat…

Rusty’s Post: I’m Fixed?

I didn’t know that I was “broken”… The humans said that I’m now “Fixed” or “Twoodled”…

I’m not sure what that means but all I can say is that this “lampshade” makes me look like a super hero dog!

Don’t you think that it makes me look cool?

Human: Yes, Rusty has lost his “balls”. However, that doesn’t make him less of a dog. By Sunday, he was jumping and running around like usual. His aggression has not abated yet and yes, he still has the “hots” for the pillows and bolsters in the house..

Playing Hide-n-Seek

I love to play hide-n-seek with the humans..

Here’s how…

1. Go find a nice hiding place

2. Stay very very very quiet.

3. When the human calls you… ignore them.

It works every time. The human thinks that I’ve hidden in the room, under the bed or some quiet corner. When the human calls… I NEVER ANSWER!

That makes them worried for a bit. HEHEHEH…

When they take out the squeaky toy, that’s when I emerge!!

So much fun to fool them humans…

Maggie, The JRT Math Genius

There are some dogs out there who are real geniuses. Maggie is just one of them.

My human remembered seeing this dog on Animal Planet’s Pet Star some years back and thought it would be great to teach me how to count.

Hah!! Til this day, I refuse to be taught to count. I prefer to train my humans to do my every bidding instead. 🙂

Maggie went on Oprah to show off her skills… again!

Anyway, here am I in action…

I’m not as fantastic as Maggie but I know some basic stuff. I know how to use my “cuteness” to get food!! 😆

Rusty Has a Chicken Heart!

As I mentioned in my last post, there is clear evidence that Rusty is afraid of certain things around the house.

Now, you’ve heard of dogs being afraid of big, sudden moves like a person dressed in rags or umbrellas; and Rusty is just one of those dogs.

We used to think that nothing will faze him as he’s not afraid of the newspaper or sounds of thunder, unlike me. But lately, my humans have been conducting a few experiments to see how BRAVE Rusty really is.

Here it is… TAAAA DDAAAAA…

IMG_ 696_


You see the tail down and ears folded back? That means he’s scared of that “thing”. He would roll over on his back in submission whenever he sees this toy.

I can’t imagine that he’s afraid of this…

IMG_ 697_Winnie-The-Pooh holding a HEART

I just couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into that Pooh, but the humans took it away from me… 😛

Human: It’s important that submissive dogs are reassured so that they do not become fearful as this might make them fearful biters. Anyway, it’s just funny that Rusty behaves in this manner.