Snoopy Girl Greetings!!!I’m a little JRT living in Malaysia, the youngest of 5 siblings born to a pair of Aussie JRT parents who “emigrated” to Malaysia some 6 years back. I also happen to share the same birthday with Malaysia’s Independence Day. I’m a female dog, though my name belongs to a very famous Male Beagle. I got that name because I was found to have a very curious personality.I enjoy sleeping, eating, following my humans around, forcing my humans to do my every bidding as well as chasing the odd squirrel or two who dares venture into my territory.
Anyway, I hope that you’ll enjoy the stories my human puts in this space as I’m using my human as my mouthpiece. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m glad to have met you!! 😉


5 Responses

  1. hi snoopy! i found you on DWB. we are both using the same template for our blogs. 🙂

    let’s be friends. please not be strangers ok? i’ll come by to visit often.

    hugs & kisses,
    bosco the chocolate boss.

  2. oops.. my human was logging in under her own nick when posting the previous message. this is bosco again. do visit me on my blog.


    hope to see you there soon!

  3. Hi bosco!!!

    Yep! I just visited your blog too! We have the same great taste!!

    Thanks for dropping by. I’ll be putting your name on the blogroll. 😀


  4. Have you guys tried http://www.zootoo.com ? Pet News, Jack Russell Groups, Events, Adoption and everything you do helps a shelter win a makeover…

    Check it out…

  5. Hi, Great post! Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



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