Howdy y’all!!!

It’s a long weekend again as May 1st is Labour Day here in Malaysia. The humans were feeling quite hot and they turned on the air-conditioning for us. Boy, it was a great day for naps.

Anyway, this is a very short post as the human needs to go off now to do some housework after we “destroyed” the house yesterday. Kekeke…

By the way, the hat doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to Lucky. His human wanted to see how I would look like if I wore the hat. *sigh* I think there are more embarassing photos on the way…


3 Responses

  1. Howdy, I think you look very cool cowboy girl! 😉

    psst, better ask your hooman trim your long nails. I know you like it long…you’re a girl ma. 😛

    • Hi Che-Cheh,

      Thanks!! I hate having my nails trimmed! The humans have tried to trim my nails for years but I hate it. So, time to go to the vet…

      Hmmm… Does Chester like his nails trimmed?


  2. Nope he doesn’t like either. You know what he dislikes more than having his nails trimmed? Cutting of his paws fur. But I have ways. I fence him in a corner & surround him. Hehehe Still very difficult but at least I get the job done.

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