My New Cousin

Lucky has a new sibling! It’s a female Pomeranian named Milky.

She’s a little darling. My human took lots of photos but didn’t have time to edit it all and only managed to take this first shot of Milky with her Papa.

Welcome to the family Milky!!

Human: The house will be noisier than ever when Lucky and Milky visits. 4 dogs.. *headache*


6 Responses

  1. wah so cute, seems a lot of us getting new pups. we getting a new member to the Jackerteers soon too, though not mine.

    • Hi Ginger,

      Yeah, it’s a productive time of year. Of course, I think Milky is supposed to be Lucky’s fiance? I’m not sure… For now, it’s sibling.


  2. Aww Milky is so cute. She looks a little bit like a foxy! Hehe

  3. I think she looks like a cat! Cute.

    Solid Gold Dancer

    • Hi Amber-Mae,

      How are the pups doing? Yeah, she does look a bit like a cat/fox.

      According to the humans she’ll be visiting this weekend!


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