I Want This For My Birthday

I want this for my b’day. Since my human is sometimes too busy to play with me, I don’t mind having this. Now, if it is only modified to throw Rusty… 👿


4 Responses

  1. Oh my!!! What a cool ‘toy’!

    Throwing Rusy is evil my dear Snoopy. Be good to your bro ya.

  2. Dear Snoopy

    Haha! This is so cute that I have to blog about it! Thanks for sharing this 😀

    Bee Bee

  3. Hi Cheh-Cheh, Bee Bee,

    @Che-Cheh – I’ll only throw Rusty out when he wants to eat my food. But I think he might enjoy it. HAHAHA

    @Bee Bee – Yeah!! This is so much fun! By the way, what’s your blog?


  4. Snoopygirl

    Oops! Forgot to mention hehe!


    Bee Bee

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