Wishing all Doggies and Your People a Happy Chinese New Year


Thank goodness the human is too busy to dress me up in some Chinese New Year costume this year…

Anyway, my human is too busy to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities as the client asked her to work and “forget” the Chinese New Year holidays. So rude!!! So disrespectful of the Chinese people!!!

Don’t they know that my human has only 1 boss and that is me??

Oh well… Wish you all…


May blessings of peace, prosperity, joy, health and treats be showered on you and your human family!!!


9 Responses

  1. I would like to wish lovely Snoopy & handsome Rusty a very Happy Moooo Year! Hehe

    Tell your hooman to enjoy the CNY ya. Don’t think about w.o.r.k

  2. Hi Che-Cheh!!!

    Thanks! Rusty and I got a story to share but it’ll be later when the human has time to catch a breath from all that working.

    She decided to enjoy herself tonight. Can’t be bothered with the client.


  3. Hello, wishing you a Happy牛Year! (:

  4. Happy MOO Year!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. Hv a great yr of the Ox!

  6. snoopygirl and rusty HUAT AH

  7. Happy Moo Year to you, Rusty and your family. May this Ox Year brings you ‘MOO’re treats and ‘MOO’re luvs and huggies.

    Paws Up!
    Shadow & Belle

  8. Hi Snoopygirl, i gave u the Honest weblog award in my blog. Do take a look.

  9. Hi Vodka, Amber-Mae, Groovy, Ginger, Shadow,

    Thanks for all the New Moo-Moo wishes!

    @Ginger – Thanks for the award. My human is busy with work to do a proper update on my blog. 😦

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