What Are Your Humans Doing To You This Christmas?

My human has neglected my blog again… She needs another bite in the bum-bum.

Anyway, she has been quite busy with chasing after the two of us after all. We are planning to “redecorate” the house and she seems to foil our plans EVERY time.

Well, one day, OUT OF THE BLUE, she decided to try something out with us…

Yes, I was caught off my guard for a bit. It isn’t fair. LETS TRY TO TIE SOME SCARF AROUND HER NECK WHILE SHE IS ASLEEP!!

If that wasn’t humiliating enough, she did this…


I’m soooo embarrassed. I bet you, the cats in the neighbourhood are laughing now…


8 Responses

  1. I know how torturous it can be but I have to admit, you look kinda cute!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Oh my! Oh my! You look so CUTTTEEEE. Nice post too. Can I pinch your cheeks?

  3. post = pose (hehe wrong spelling)

  4. Hiee!

    I agree, you look really cute in that outfit and no no I am not sneering! I’m so gonna get my jiejie to get me something this Xmas 😀

    Bee Bee

  5. Oohh.. You definitely look marvelous..Very photogenic as well..We bet the cats envied you much..

    Merry Xmas to all of you..He Ho He Ho
    Shadow & Belle

  6. luckily we only need to dress up like this once a year…

  7. Hi Snoopy! You look so cute in your Christmas scarf! At least your human didn’t put you in a dress like Owner Girl did to me!

  8. Hi all!!!

    @Amber-Mae – It was. I keep wrestling with my human over the scarf. I thought it was a soft toy! She kept saying, “So cute!! Stay!! Stay!!”

    @Che-Cheh – I was too shocked to move.. Hehehe… You may not pinch but can “sayang” me…

    @Bee Bee – Get your jie-jie to take photo of you too ok!! 🙂

    @Shadow – Thanks!! But I think they may laugh when I start chasing them around in my outfit…

    @pacco – I think I may dress up again for Chinese New Year *faints*

    @Tibby – I don’t think the human will be able to put that dress on me, for I will struggle and bite! Poor Tibby… But you did look cute! 😛


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