Mama Cat

The hoomans went out for a quick dinner tonight at the golf club.

They were not alone. A little mama cat was waiting to be fed. The mama cat was heavily pregnant and although cats are my sworn enemies; I can’t help but feel a bit sad for the mama cat.

Mama cat looks so fierce…

The Mama cat spoke with one of the hoomans. She meowed and meowed to let people know that she is hungry. The food had not arrived yet but Mama Cat was very patient. She sat and waited for the food to come.

Old Man feeds some chicken…

The Old Man took some chicken and fed the Mama Cat. He wanted to leave some for us but Big Mama said that chicken was bad for us. 😦

Mama Cat: Thanks!

Mama Cat: Thanks! I think I’ve had enough…

The Mama Cat looks well fed. I think some people at the golf club has been feeding the Mama Cat. Anyway, the hoomans think that if you have pets and don’t wish to have more kittens or puppies, it is best to spay them.

Well, Mama Cat can’t be helped ‘coz she’s a stray. 😦

After the meal, the Mama Cat went away and the hoomans came home to us. 🙂


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