Jumper: Rusty

My hooman has decided to post about Rusty… again!! When am I going to have something to say?? 😡

Anyway, Rusty has this new ability or habit, where he will spring from one side of the fence to the other. The following list of pictures demonstrates his ability.

*Woosh* He’s now over the fence…

When he feels like coming back, he will jump back again. The hooman managed to catch him in action…

The approach…

The technique…

The execution… Now, he’s over the fence!

If not for my bad knees, I would be jumping like him now. mmmmmm… *JEALOUS*


3 Responses

  1. Wow Rusty you’re good! The only time I jump up is for FOOD. Hahaha

  2. wow! rusty, u rock man…

    i’m kinda worried u might jump higher than me

  3. Hi Che-Cheh, Pacco!!

    Che-Cheh: Yep!! I love to jump!!

    Pacco: Not to worry, I don’t think I can jump any higher now.


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