Medidate…. Peace… Serenity…

Now, everyone knows that I have my morning “rituals”… It seems that my little brother Rusty is also getting into the act too!!

Now, who says that Jack Russell Terriers don’t know how to sit back and enjoy life??

Does it look like we’re sun-bathing?

To the untrained eye, what you’re seeing here are two Jack Russell Terriers doing their morning medidation.. auuummmmm….. We are both training our minds to be one with nature (and our prey – so that we can chase them)

*Phew*!! That certainly takes a lot of energy and time… Now, it’s time for our nap… ZZZzzzzzzZZZZZ


3 Responses

  1. You’re not afraid of the sun? It might turn you into a GOLDEN Snoopy! Hehe

  2. Hi Che-Cheh,

    I’m not afraid of the sun… I love it. Kekeeke… :-P. Hey, Chester is a Golden Retriever, does he like the sun like I do?


  3. He’s okay with it but he doesn’t have a morning sun ritual like you do. Perhaps you can teach him. Hehe

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