Adik Has Grown!!!!!

Yes, it has been almost 3 months since my hooman wrote my last post. She has been bz, since Rusty, my adik (BM for younger sibling) came into our lives, it has been hectic.

Not so much that there is a lot to do, but Rusty gives us a lot of things to do! For the first two months or so, he has not been a good dog – peeing and pooing everywhere!! What a disgrace! OK, OK, I had my “accidents” too but then, I didn’t go and poo in the hoomans’ rooms!!!!

Yeah, we’ve just about destroyed every other toy that I’ve ever known. My hooman says that the destructive power has shot up by 200% ever since Rusty needed to test out his new chompers. He’s been losing his teeth…

Rusty: Daattt noddd tuuuueeeeee… (That’s not true)

Funny though that the only toys to survive the destruction exercise are those toys which the hooman bought from IKEA. Way to go Swedish design & quality!!

Of course, we both took time out to pose for our hooman. See how big my adik has grown? He’s constantly eating, asking for food…

See what he does? Every time after we pose nicely for the shot, he has to irritate me!

Oi!! Sit still will ya!!!

There’s no need to pity Rusty here. He got into his “jail” a.k.a bedroom voluntarily. I kind of like it too as it’s kind of airy underneath. Good for those hot, humid nights!

Ok, this picture got me all worried. He’s been growing at exponential speed!! Soon, he’ll be bigger and taller than I am!! Of course, right now, he’s just a lightweight. A measly 4kg compared to my whopping 7…

This is just an example of how big my adik is now. He’s going to outgrow his cage soon. He’s also learning to enjoy sleeping on the floor with me. Of course, we both have our own territory and so, there’s less fighting once he learns that he has to get authorization from me first. šŸ˜†

This was how small adik was just a couple of months back. Soon, the hoomans say that he’ll have to go to the vet to get “fixed”. Now, what is that? šŸ˜›


2 Responses

  1. Wah Rusty so big liao. Hey Snoopy I like it when you smile.

    Hi Chester,

    Yeah, Rusty is growing up to be a monster!! Hehehee… You like my toothy smile? šŸ˜›


  2. Wow, double the trouble! Nice

    Hi Groovy,

    Yeah… Big Momma said that with Rusty, the house has been turned upside down since he’s more jumpy and faster than I am. What to do, I have bad knees. Compared to Rusty, I’m an angel.. šŸ˜†


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