My Chinese New Year

This was a CNY to remember. What is CNY? The hoomans say it is Chinese New Year. Now, I’m a JRT, so, I’m not sure what is CNY. I just hoped that they gave me yummy food.

My cowsin Lucky dropped by for a visit. He had to stay over since his hooman Papa had to go back to his hometown and he couldn’t bring him. So, we got ready for the big CNY feast at one of the hooman’s place.

When we got to this hooman’s place, we found out that there was another puppy nearby. It turned out to be a male Shih Tzu. His name is Bambi and he was introduced to my Big Mama.

Isn’t he cute? He’s about nearly 3 months old and looks like a big ball of fur. He doesn’t talk much and likes to run around. I couldn’t care less as I was sniffing around the kitchen for some yummy stuff.

Lucky got acquainted with him as well as the other relatives as he hadn’t met them yet. He was a bit nervous but since he couldn’t find any place to hide, the hoomans picked him up easily.

Here’s a closer look at my new cowsin, Bambi…

We were all pooped out after dinner and when I got home, I went out like a light. However, Lucky couldn’t sleep as it was a new environment for him. The next day, we woke up to find some “surprise” from him.

The hoomans placed him on my chair, so that he can’t disturb me. Lucky likes to come up to lick me. I found out that he can’t jump to save his life!! But, I don’t like it when he sits on my chair. X-(

In the end, we came to a compromise. As long as I can put my big butt on the chair, I’m happy to share it with my cowsin.

We went out in the afternoon to visit some relatives. Lucky got so scared that he went under the chair to hide. What a scardy cat!!

I certainly had a lot of fun during my holiday this year… I hope to see my cowsins again too!


3 Responses

  1. happy new year 2 u, snoopy..

    is great to have friends who came over to play..

    did u received lotsa angpao?

    Hi Pacco,

    Yeap, it was fun. The hoomans gave me angpaos in food form. Hmmmm.. I want more toys!!!!


  2. so many doggie frens together…sigh wished i was there..

    Hi Liucas & mommy,

    Yep, a lot of doggie friends. I can’t imagine the next gathering when I meet Bambi’s other half!!


  3. sorry sorry. winn is my mommy. she forgot to switch identity. ‘wished i was there is supposed to be my word mommy!!! :(‘

    Hi Liucas & His Mommy,

    Hahaa.. It’s ok. Hoomans make mistakes. Kekeke.. How are you doing?


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