Sun Worshipper…

My hoomans can’t understand why I loooovvvvveeee the sun so much!

I can’t explain it either but I like the way the sun gives me the warmth as I take my many morning naps.

The pillar really gives a good support. Besides, don’t I look sexy??

At mid-day, I like to spend some more time with the garden. It also helps me when I have to watch the garden for those pesky birds and squirrels….

Ahhhh…. Nice grass…

When I sit on the porch like this, I’m really looking out for cats, squirrels and of course, those noisy birds…

In the evening, my hoomans noticed that I’ve picked a very odd spot to have my evening sun bathe…

Do you sun bathe? Have you got any favourite spots too? Hope that it doesn’t rain today…


4 Responses

  1. Hey SnoopyGirl….you look lovely posing in the sun!!

    I also love sunning myself but I live in England and I dont see much sun…but when I do I love it!!!

    Love Jakethewestie

    Hi Jake!!!

    Fancy seeing you here. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.
    Yeap, my hooman told me about England and about the dogs there!!

    Heeheh.. Enjoy the sun whenever possible my friend. It feels so nice and warm…


  2. Hi SnoopyGirl,

    I live in California where it’s sunny 365 days a year! 🙂

    My dogs love to bask in the sun next to my plants. They get sun and shade. Pretty smart huh?

    Hi there…

    Yeap!! I switch between the porch and grass. After that, I come in and lie on the tiled floor to cool down…

    It’s smart of them to do that!!!


  3. Stunning body you have there Snoopy…fhewiit chocolate white…mmmm yummy *Chester takes a bite at your bum* hehe

    I don’t sunbath because I live in the house 99.9% of the time. My favourite spot is anywhere on the cold floor. That makes me a cool dude! Hahaha

    Hi Chester!!

    Hahaha.. I can’t help it if I have such a nice bum-bum. My hoomans say that I’m getting F.A.T…

    Cool!! You are sooo cool Chester!!


  4. hiya Snoopy!
    sori i havent been dropping by lately…

    it’s indeed a weird spot u chose for the evening sunbathe, but i guess the tiles r cooler, eh?

    Hi Ume!

    Yeap, I think your hooman has been bz, right?

    Oh yea, the tiles are so much nicer…. Grass has a tendency to make my stomach itchy.


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