I’m A Horse??

My hoomans decided to make me into a horse. I don’t think I look like a horse, do I?

I resent the fact that I have to be “leashed”. I’m a well-behaved lady. I do not pull on the leash! X-(

My hooman just told me that she would be away for the weekend as her company is making her go to a team-building event. I will miss my hooman…

Have a good weekend everydoggy & everyhooman!!!!


7 Responses

  1. hiya Snoopy!!!
    sori i havent been dropping by lately… my Jiejie is slacking off BIG time! n she’s recently hooked onto something call the Facebook.

    TQ TQ for giving the award to me! i hope we dun get antz attack for being as sweet as candy! *giggles*

    do u have to wear the harness at home? but it’s a stylish one nevertheless!

  2. Hi Ume,

    no problems. you’ve just got to bite your hooman’s backside to remind her that she’s got a job to do.

    i don’t have to wear the harness at home (thank goodness) but my hooman got it for me since i outgrew my old one. πŸ˜›

    i still look like a horse….

  3. Snoopy,

    Your harness is very stylish and very gentle on you when you go for walks. Thank your lucky stars you don’t have a choker chain.

  4. Hi 4urpets (kathyrn),

    Yep, I’m lucky that it’s not a choker chain that I see on bigger dogs. πŸ™‚

    This new harness is a lot more comfortable than my old one, which was too small for me and gave me chaff marks on my neck. 😐



  5. I think the harness you’re wearing is more dog-friendly compared to the regular collar. I’m begging my owner to buy a one for me.

  6. i used to wear harness too…. my family also said i looks like a horse especially when d leash is being attach together n dangling around…

  7. Hi Pacco,

    Hahaha.. Yeap, I get that too. At least I won’t get tangled up in the leash when I go out on walkies.. πŸ™‚


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