Cowsin Lucky Visits Again!

My hoomans are enjoying their “howliday”. They didn’t take my anywhere as my hoomans had stuff to do over the weekend. Would have been nice to go the beach or something.

Last week, my cowsin Lucky came to visit us again. Boy, he’s starting to be a big puppy now.

The last time he was in the box, he could barely see past the top. Now, I think he’s ready to jump out of it. BTW, that’s his “poop” box whenever he comes to visit. He doesn’t know how to follow me to the garden/toilet and so, he has a tendency to “do it” EVERYWHERE!! Yep, I had to scold him a few times. He even barks back!

He’s a Papa’s boy. He likes to stay close to his hooman Papa. I just want to play with him, that’s all.

He found my pink donut!! It’s the same one I have with Ume. Geez… He doesn’t know what to do with it and got his nose all stuck in the donut hole. I gave my donut to him since he loved it so much.

He also found my favourite hamburger toy!!! The nerve of him!! Since I’m a nice cowsin, I let him play with it for a little bit.

Lucky’s hooman Papa gave me a new toy! I can’t describe it but it’s also pink and it squeeeeaaaakkksss!!!!!

I let Lucky have a go at it. Only after I drop the toy, can Lucky take it from me.

He doesn’t know where the squeak is!! Hehehee…

At the end of the day, he’s still a Papa’s boy. He loves to stick to his Papa. You’re still a big ball of fur to me!!!


8 Responses

  1. So good of you sharing your toys with cowsin Lucky. 🙂

  2. nice dogs … very mobil

  3. Hi Chester,

    Yep… He can only play with some of my toys. He’s not allowed to just simply wander off. After all, I’m his older cowsin… 😛


  4. Hi Anne,

    Thx for the compliment. (^ ^)


  5. is funny that he alwiz travel along with his box

  6. Hi Pacco,

    Yeap, that’s how his Papa brings him out to go kai-kai. 😆

  7. Hi Snoopy!..

    Thanks for visiting us at our blog.. i like your cousin lucky.. he is cute!.. and u have been a great big cousin sis to share toys!..


  8. Hi Rossi,

    My hooman says “sorry” for replying your comment so late. She said that it went to “spamz” folder. I don’t know what is that but it sounds delicious.

    Anyway, I have to take care of Lucky and teach him a lot of things…


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