New “Bad” Habit

My hoomans have been gasping for air recently.

It seems that I have developed a new “bad” habit – Excessive H.O.O.M.A.N G.A.S Production

My hooman has written a couple of old stories about me “gas”-ing them by accident but it seems that now that I’m in my middle age – I tend to be “gas”-ing them more often.

In the morning, when I’m in the car, for my morning car ride, as soon as I see the first dog I want to say “Hello” to, the gas comes out. My hooman coffs and chokes for air.

Hey… A gal can’t help it if she has to release something. It’s too bad that we were in an enclosed space during that time.


4 Responses

  1. Hahahaha ohmygod…got smell some more?

    I’ve released gas once or twice in my whole life (according to owner) but never the smelly kind. What you eat ar?

  2. teehee! welcome to the poot poot club, snoopy! a girl’s got to poot when a girl’s got to poot!

    fee aka pooty mcpoot

  3. Hi Chester,

    I’m not sure. But my intestines are very efficient in producing anti-hooman gas… tee hee hee..

    *Poot Poot* (Oops)

  4. Hi Fee,

    Yep!! The hoomans can’t appreciate a good poot or fart.

    My hoomans call me Miss Farty now.. 😆

    *Poot* (Oops again)

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