3rd Malaysia Responsible Dog Ownership (MRDO) – 7 Oct 2007


My hooman has been busy again. She has a lot to sort out, especially my b’day photos. Anyway, she’s making some progress. She still has to decide which photos to put up. 😛

Another big event is coming our way – the 3rd Malaysian Responsible Dog Ownership Day (MRDO), which will be held at the following:

Venue : Central Park, Bandar Utama

Time: 8:00am – 2:00pm

Admission: FREE

How many of you doggies will bring your hoomans there? I should be going, would be recovered from my minor operation by then.


8 Responses

  1. Me and my owner confirm going but still we need to see who wanna follow us go like my owner’s mom/dad/sis. Hahaha I might bring the whole family! 🙂

  2. Hi Chester,

    Oooo… That sounds like fun. :-P.

    I’ll have to drag some other hoomans around…. kekeke

  3. Hope you have a great day – sounds like lots of fun!


  4. Hi River,

    Yep! It’s always a whole lot of fun at these events. 🙂


  5. hi snoopy, minor op? for the cyst? is it painful? i hope you will heal quickly and nicely so that you can have lots of fun at the fair. have you heard any news about that silly dog catching competition so far? i wonder if the petition will be enough to make them scrap the stupid idea.


  6. Hi fee,

    The doctor said that it’s a minor operation, but I need to sleep because I need to be very still. After that, the doctor will do a biopsy to see if it’s something nasty or not.

    Thanks for the well wishes.

    Not sure if the petition worked but it’s letting a lot of people know about how “smart” our local councillors are.


  7. […] Ooo, I’m wearing a new baju which my Grandpa, Grandma, Mommy, Papa, Tai Kor and 3 other Hooman Siblings got me. It’s a nice yellow baju, very much the same like my Mommy’s. I think I may wear it when I go for the event next week. […]

  8. […] Meanwhile, I’m getting excited for the event tomorrow! […]

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