Pre-Birthday Blues??

I’ve been thinking….

* S U L K *

I’m getting my pre-b’day blues. Probably because I’m contemplating turning 4. I’m as old as one of the hoomans in dog years. (^ ^)

I’m excited about one thing though, I’ll be meeting up with my parents and brother tomorrow! Besides that, the hoomans are going to get me something special. I hope that it is something which I can bite.

Meanwhile, my leg is ok. I’m still running around like a maniac. The cyst does not hurt me as much. Somehow, it looks to be shrinking a tiny bit too.

Have a great weekend folks!!

To all M’sian doggies and their hoomans – Happy Merdeka!!!


7 Responses

  1. hey gal, don’t worry, your hoomans gonna give u a big surprise!!! coz they love you!!!!!!!

  2. snoopy.. hope you wont be feeling blues over the weekend. it’s a howliday!!

    have fun yah.. and hope you’re feeling much better.

    bosco added you to my blogroll. 🙂

  3. Goofy – thanks! i hv a feeling they do. 😛

    Bosco – hiya!!! Yep!! It’s a holiday!! woo hooo!!!!!

    Folks, I’ll be putting put a post later. I have a feeling that something will come up today. 😉

  4. HAPPEE BARKDAY, SNOOPY!!! u share the same barkday as your nation!
    glad to noe dat the cyst is shrinking! do blog about your barkday surprise!

  5. Hi ume!!

    Thanks for the barking wishes. 😆

    Anyway, I will blog about my very eventful barkday. Meanwhile, thanks in advance for the surprise!!


  6. Don’t be sad about your b’day – they’re great lots of new toys and tasty treats should be coming your way!!


  7. Hi River,

    Thanks! My hoomans did give me a great b’day treat. I’ll bite my hooman’s bum to work faster on the post. (^ ^)

    How was your weekend? 🙂


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