The Post You Waited For…

I’ve finally bit my human’s bum enough times for her to get the picture.

She has been busy with work as well as with the gym. She practically spends nearly a full day there. Arrrgghhh…

Anyway, a couple of weeks back, my human went on a short business trip. She got me a new t-shirt to wear… Suits my personality and all. 😛

So, the next photo is of me, wearing the new t-shirt. Note my “enthusiasm” .

Well, my cyst is not doing so good. Here’s a close-up picture of it. I may have to go under the knife again. Eeeeepp!!!!

So, since the vet will not be in on Monday, I’ve got to go back again on Tuesday to see what is the next option. *Sigh*…


6 Responses

  1. ouch. that cyst looks really ouch, snoopy. does it hurt when you walk? i think it’ll need to be removed. take care and keep us updated ok?

    loves and hugs,

  2. hi fee,

    thanks for the hugs. it doesn’t hurt so bad but i can’t run as fast as i used to. anyway, my humans are more concerned about it as it hasn’t reduced much. i don’t like the vet.. 😦


  3. Ouch Snoopy. That looks extremely painful. I dont like vets too. Mummy will practically drag or carry me into the vet’s office.

    But not being able to run fast fast is badder news. How can a Jack stop running fast fast. We have too much energy in us. Gotta run run run!!! I hope your paw paw will be healed soon 🙂

    Wet licks


  4. Hi Chilli,

    Yeap. It can be a bit painful. Sometimes I forget myself and still run fast but it cuts me, and then the humans have to clean up the mess. 😦

    I have a lot of pent-up energy… I need to release it!!!

    Thanks for the best wishes. I’ll be seeing the vet today… Eeep!!!


  5. hope u get better soon…

  6. Hi pacco,

    Thanks! I want to run and play like always… 😦


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