You Know Jack??

A lot of people have a misconception about us JRTs.

They think that since we’re small, we make great lap dogs.

Let me tell you one thing …. I’m not a the cuddly type. If you see my sleeping pics, I always like to hog the couch, ‘coz.. I OWNZ IT!! 😛

My humans like to call me “Rascal” or “Terrierist” since I like to show them who’s boss. Yep, I try to kill anything smaller than me. I hunt squirrels and if possible, kitty cats.

‘Nuff said. Have a look at the video below to have an idea about us Jacks.

Human’s Note: Snoopy is like a Maserati in a Volkswagon… I kid you not!


6 Responses

  1. yes, terrors never say die! we are small but mighty!

  2. Woof Woof!!!!

    We terrors are “big” in our own small way..

  3. Oh man, I am tired just watching!

  4. Hi Nugget,

    Did we run circles around you? 😛



  5. Hi Snoopy

    One of my favourite activity is to turbo around the house. It always makes my mummy laugh. She calls me a frisky little lamb at times to. Hiak..hiak…

    Wet licks


  6. Hi Chilli,

    Hehe.. My humans call it “Madness”. I jump on all the couches and do sprints around the house like it’s my personal stadium track. 😛

    So far, my humans have failed to video this ‘coz I’m too fast. Heheheehe…

    We love to run!!!


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