Been Busy…

This is a quick update. My human has been busy with work again. **sulk**

My favourite human, the Old Man has gone off to Vietnam for a week. That means, less “kai-kai” (going out and about) and treats. **sulk some more**

The good news is that my human did get me something from her last trip. I shall bit my human’s butt so that she will dictate what I say. There will be photos of me parading my new gear.

Meanwhile, I shall go and sit in front of my other human and sulk a bit more.


4 Responses

  1. I hope your mum finishes her work soon and gets back to playing with you!! Looking forward to seeing you model your new outfits.


  2. Thanks River…

    I need to nip her in the bum from time to time. She’s a notti one no doubt! 😛

  3. hiya Snoopy,
    can’t wait to read about your new gear!

    how’s your cyst?

    oh! can u email your home address to me? at TQ!!!

  4. hi ume,

    well… it’s an ups and downs thing with the cyst. it looked small this morning but now, it looks huge again. the vet said that he’ll have to operate. 😦

    my human will write something about my new gear this weekend. 😉

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