Oscar, May You Rest In Peace

I just got word that one of my fellow dog bloggers, Oscar has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I’m am so sorry for your lost.

Anyway, hope that you’ll have lots of fun there and maybe you can hook up with my big sis Oofy (a mixed Miniature Schnauzer) with that puffy hair-do and goofy smile. She’s a darling of a dog and you’ll have loads of fun together.

God Bless!


4 Responses

  1. We are really going to miss Oscar!

    Nugget & the boys

  2. Yeap… *sigh*

  3. we’re still sad over Oscar…. *sigh*

    do u have any pix of Oofy? i believe they’re having lotsa fun over at the Rainbow Bridge!

  4. hi ume… *sigh*

    my human cried her eyes out when my big sis passed on.

    however, when my “grandparents” heard the news, they insisted that they take me in! 🙂

    anyway, i think my human will post a pic of my big sis one day this weekend. she’ bz with working out and bz bz bz office work. ARRRRGGGHHHH

    Somebody needs a big bite on the buttt!!!!!

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