Gloomy Saturday…

It is just one of those days…

My favourite human decided to go off early in the morning to a place called Seremban since he had something to do there. 😦

My other humans wanted to go to the gym, leaving me locked up in the cage. However, they didn’t go in the end – ** Yay!! **

Anyway, it is such a gloomy Saturday afternoon that even the cats are not out. They shouldn’t be. It had just rained and the ground is wet. We all know about cats and water, right? *sigh*

Oh well, if my human weren’t busy, we would have also taken a trip down to Seremban over the weekend to visit my human’s relative who has a rather large garden and some small kids to play with. Yep, I play with the kids, not the other way around. 😆

Have a great weekend folks! I’ll just return to my carpet and sulk the hours away.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Snoopy,

    I hope the rain stops for you tomorrow and the humans take you somewhere really fun!


  2. Hi River,

    Yep!! Don’t quite like the feeling of wet grass on my feet. You can say that I’m a very neat little JRT who doesn’t quite like mud. 😛

  3. Hiya Snoopy! My mummy’s hometown is Seremban!!! So exciting that you get to go visit there. Too bad I’ll not be allowed to make the trip.

    Ha!Ha! You’re a neat JRT who doesnt like mud. How interesting! You should come and check out my newest post. I got so muddy that my mummy had to shampoo me twice! Hiak! Hiak!

    Wet licks

  4. Hi Chilli!

    Yep, it’s nice when we can go on trips, right? When will humans give us doggy passports? 😛 **wishful thinking**

    I don’t quite like the wet grass. Perhaps because my foot is still a little sore. I’ve got to go to the vet next week again. Grrrr…

    Anyway, glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself. Getting dirty can be fun! 🙂


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