Thanks Fee For The Pressie!!!

I got a very nice present from my good friend Fee

Image Hosted by

It is SOOOO COOL!!!!!

Muchos Gracias!!!


Terimaaaa Kasihhh……


Woof Woof Woof Woofffff!! Bark!! Bark!!

I’ll display this proudly in this site. Anyway, my human is still a little busy but will find a bit of time to post something this weekend. 😉

Many licks!!


4 Responses

  1. congwatulations snoopy! remember to keep poking that bum-bum to come back and do the typing for u! see u again soon!

  2. woof woof!!!

    definitely! my humans never learn their lessons easily. they need their bum bitten once in a while. 😛

  3. hiya Rockin’ Girl Snoopy!
    weekend is coming… nip some bums!

  4. Hi ume!

    Yep! I’m planning to hypnotise my human to getting me a new toy or more greenies!

    Anyway, hope that you have a great weekend!

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