You May Address Me As “Your Majesty”…

I finally got my human to sit down for about 15 minutes to update my blog. It is not easy as her bum was too thick.

Anyway, the humans took me to the vet… as I had this awful bump on my right hind leg toe. The vet gave some ointment which my “Old Man” smeared on my toe. However, the vet said that if the swelling doesn’t go down, I’ll have to go for a little operation to lop it off. Yikes!!!

Oh well, all is not lost. Whenever some procedure needs to be done, my humans are extra nice to me. They give me lovely fried chicken as my dinner. **Slurp!!** Other than that, the other humans will buy me toys… >:-)

All is not lost, at least I got to wear my e-collar and feel more “regal” than usual…

However, my human is notti. She loves to take photos of me whenever I’m in my e-collar. I should bite her bum for that!!

 Hmmmm…. Another embarrassing photo… **roll eyes**

Despite the embarrassing photos – I can say one thing… My bark is louder! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


3 Responses

  1. hi Snoopy,
    happy 07-07-07!!!
    how’s dat awful bump on your toe?
    what a bummer dat u need to wear dat lampshade! but u r one lucky doggie to get fried chicken as dinner. dunno if dat day will ever come for me… *sigh*

  2. Hi ume,

    Vet said that its a cyst. Not sure what it was…

    Anyway, it’s been a while since I had fried chicken too… *sigh*. Let’s be patient and try ways to hypnotize our human slaves into giving it to us. Kekeke]

    Happy 07-07-07!!

  3. […] we’ll be posting some of her “Majestic” photos like we did the last time. Hehehhee… Maybe this time, we’ll post a […]

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