Sleepy Days…

It has been awfully warm lately. Although I live in a tropical climate, I find it almost unbearable at times…Anyway, my human took some time out to get a few new geek toys so that she can better write my journal entries. (^^)

Today’s journal is about my sleepy days. I have been found to be sleeping all sorts of positions and my humans have found it very amusing.

My humans always thought that I was kind of cute whenever I took a nap. They also could never figure out why I would choose the most oddest place to take a nap, i.e. in the middle of a pathway… like so…

So, most of the time, they would find me lying on my tummy or side in the middle of the pathway in the hall. Sometimes, they even trip over me! I can’t help it if I need to take a nap right at that moment, right!?!

Well, after that… They decided to take photos of me in “action” while I sleep… (-_-)

They even managed to take a photo of me in a very “odd” position….

I was in a meditative state!!!!! I was NOT sleeping… >_<

Anyway, I have a few more images from my puppy days… 😛

Ain’t I a cutie pie???? 😀 **kembang**


9 Responses

  1. Those pictures are too cute for words!

  2. *Woof* *Woof*… Thanks!! :>

    I did all the hard work and my human just takes snapshots! – Snoopy. 😉

  3. i oso love 2 sleep in d middle of d pathway…
    juz to make myself noticeable….hahah

  4. hahaha… i just lie in the middle of the pathway because I’m lazy to find another sleeping place. lol!!!

  5. btw….do u went to yesterday event??

  6. Nope. Could not go because the humans were busy with something. 😦

    How was the event? Hope that it was good. 😉

  7. it was okay for me…i got 3 prizes….while groovy got 4

    but groovy face injustice moment….he was denied d overall runner-up placing becoz all of a sudden the organizer came up wit the ‘one handler rule’…

    groovy was handle by 2 different owner….thus, they r pretty pissed off after the event…

  8. Hi, Snoopy. Nice to meet you. I do the same thing, I sleep in the middle of the pathway because its the coldest place in my home.
    I like your pictures.
    Have a nice day

  9. Hi Lorenza! Yep!!!

    The pathway is the coolest place to be… 😉 Wonder why the humans don’t do like we do… They sleep on the couches and complain how hot the day is!!

    Nice to meet you too. 😉

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