I Do Not Like Round Things…

*Woof!! * My human is back from his trip! I’m soooo happy! No more of this “healthy dog food” for me. It’s chicken pieces and other human junk food. MUAHAHHA… *Woof!!*

I’m quite particular about my toys. In fact, I’m not like other dogs. Some dogs will run up and down for a rubber ball, but not me.Somehow, I never took to running after a tennis ball. My humans tried to teach me the word “ball” but I never did like it. I would bring them other stuff instead.


Anyway, the kids from the other side likes to play football and their ball somehow always end up in our garden. I don’t like it. To me, a ball is to be destroyed, not to be played with!!


The only ball I do like to play with are those which resemble rugby balls. Perhaps due to my Aussie parentage, I’m a big fan of rugby. I do tend to tackle my human when they have the ball. (^__^)


Oh well, I’m going to go sunbathe now… The weather is good today. 🙂


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  1. […] you recall my very old post, I have always not been a fan of round things. Even when the hooman got me a nice ball from IKEA, I showed very little […]

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