My Humans Love Me!!!

Another year has passed!!

The concept of time is quite oblivious to me, a dog. All I know is when it is night and day, where my humans are and the concept of weekends. Other than that, the passing of another year, is just oblivious to me.

My humans decided to let me wear a new baju (t-shirt).

Here I am with the “So-Cute So-Cute” Human. She is called this because whenever she sees me, she would yell, “Snoopy, so cute!!! So cute!!”

Here I am, with my most favourite Human, “Old Man”. He feeds me, plays with me, bathes me, basically, my all important slave…

Last but not least, is my human, known as “Big one”. She’s the one who buys my stuff like clothes, food and treats and the ocassional squeaky toy. She’s my play mate and personal trainer. She’s the one who is teaching me manners and tricks. I don’t need both, as I’m a perfectly well-mannered lady…

Anyway, 2007 is here and as usual, I would like to wish everyone best of health, joy and happiness. I hope that I hear less news about doggies being bad, mistreated and hurting other humans because of their humans poor treatment of them.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!


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