Another Senseless Killing

Another piece of news has caused me to be very disturbed… To cut the story short, it is about the inhumane killing of a stray dog within a school compound. It happened right in front of the school’s chemistry lab; with 100 students in the block where the incident occurred.

Both parties are to blame in this matter. The principal of the school hadn’t heard of the SPCA? The Ipoh City council workers should have had more sense to take the dog away instead of killing it in front of pupils. Imagine if the workers were not “sharpshooters”, and the bullet hit a student, that would be a big piece of news.

These people have absolutely no brain nor heart whatsoever. They kill an animal just because it was diseased and was a nuiscance. Why didn’t they call the SPCA? I’m sure that they would have picked up the animal and cared for it. Who knows, the dog would have found a good home.

Imagine this… If someone took your kid out to be shot, just because your kid was diseased and a nuiscance (which alot of kids are – being at an incorrigible age), would you allow it?

Anyway, I doubt anything will happen even with the outcry, because these people treat stray dogs as nuiscance and sub-animal (due to certain religious practices).



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