I’ve finally discovered this lovely treat… Chocolate.

Its all my human’s fault actually. The human thought that she could get away by taking a bar of chocolate into the room and just having some of it while watching some Canto-comedy on TV.

Anyway, it smelt like milk and I was immediately drawn to it.

Licked my lips to tell my human that I was interested.

“No!! You’re not having any of it!!”

Licked my lips again.

“No!! No!! Naughty girl-ly. You cannot have this!”

Gave the evil eye. – No effect……..

Gave mournful eye. – No effect……..


Evil Eye + Licking of lips!!!!

“Ok!! You can have some………….”

Yum!! We’re eternally grateful…. We reward you with licks! *LICK*

Hahah!! Now, whenever my human opens the box, I know… Its chocolate time…. Nyah Nyah!!


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