Merry X’mas!!!!


What do I want for my X’mas this year?

  1. Bones to chew one (I stole a chicken wing for X’mas)
  2. All cats to stay away
  3. All cats to move slower so that I can pounce on them
  4. More human food
  5. More toys
  6. More human food (oh… Did I say this? Well… )

Hmmm… Do I sound greedy? Ok ok… Here’s a more “giving” list

  1. More puppies and doggies (both pure and mixed) to have good homes
  2. No more wars
  3. Humans treat each other better (cause they are here to serve us doggies!)
  4. Better distribution of wealth between those doggies whose humans are richer than others
  5. That humans understand that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners…

Happy new year!!!!!


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