I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt …

Hehe… A new item for my wardrobe… And… A new chewtoy… My furslave has done well…

If you can’t read… (Because you’re a dumb Doberman…) My teee-shirt says “Von Dog”. If you must know, its one of the more fashionable labels in dog chic. If you don’t know what is chic, better refer to the Fab Five for some tips!!

Hmmmm… Ok… ok.. I’ll have to admit.. Blue is not my colour… I’ll have to chew on my slave’s fingers for getting this wrong. Its ok… That gives me perfect justification to go shopping! What else can a girl do?

If you’re wondering, my chew toy is a sandwich, not a hotdog. It makes a lovely squeaky noise that makes me want to kill it. I think I have killed my furslaves hearing because they can’t seem to hear me bark these days!

Oh yea, my eyes are never so green. Got to bite my furslaves hands for this one.. AGAIN!!

Meanwhile.. Ciao babe… I’ll be hanging out by the porch with Squeaky McSandwich here…



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