Gas-ing Your Furslaves


What a relief!! My bloated tummy feels sooo much better now…

**sheepish grin**…

Of late, my slaves have been turning up their noses whenever they carry me. Apparently, they claim that I have been “gas-ing” them. One slave affectionately labelled me as a German Gas Making Factory… I’m absolutely offended.

First of all, I’m not a German Sheppard, therefore, I don’t make German Gas… If you want to be specified, I generate pure JRT gas…

Second of all, who said that it was smelly?? You humans have such a poor sense of smell… One can easily tell that I had lovely chicken (or what looks like chicken) and lamb (what tastes like lamb) for tea. Also, mixed that with some lovely grass and a couple of flies as well. If other dogs were nearby, they didn’t have to ask what I had for tea, they just need to smell it.

I do have to admit one thing though, my slaves said that my stomach is a bit bloated and its true. I have to admit that but perhaps that could have been caused by certain foods the Skinny-One has been giving me. She is such a sucker for puppy dog eyes… All I have to do is just stare intently at her and she gives in, giving me some of her yummy food. Sometimes, she even leaves something on my plate for me to pick up.

Anyway, please do not press on my stomach now… You might get something more than you bargained for… And I’m not just talking about gas… ^_^


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  1. […] hooman has written a couple of old stories about me “gas”-ing them by accident but it seems that now that I’m in my middle age – I tend to be “gas”-ing them […]

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