My human’s face is yummmy!!!

**Lick** **Lick**….
I wonder why my human’s face is sooo yummy? I can’t understand it… Must be something my human had for lunch. The smell is just there…. Near the mouth… The Ears… Yummy!!!

I saw a show on Animal Planet some time back about my ancestors, i.e. the wolves. It seems that pups would lick the face of the adults in order to get them to regurgitate food for them to eat! HOW DISGUSTING!!! I would never do that!! I’m a civilized lady…… If my human intends to regurgitate, at least please do so in my dinner plate…

Oooo.. Time for a stretch and possibly a quick “worship of the sun”… I am a lady after all and I need to develop some nice tan for my fur… Hmmm… Oh yeah, and I heard that vitamin D is good for you.

Meanwhile, I’ll just wait until my human gets home and see what smells she brings home. I’m guessing that it would be some chicken and spicy curry!!

(( YAWN ))… Nap time!!


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