The Importance of A Serene Mind

Snoopy Meditating

Again… I was caught off-guard by my human… *_*My humans laughed when they saw this picture. They exclaimed, “Hah!! We caught Snoopy closing her eyes before her nap!”… They did not know, [puny minds], that I was merely having a quick meditation session.

Medidation is important. It helps me focus on my tasks for the day, i.e.

1. Eating
2. Hunting for creatures smaller than I am (flying and non-flying)
3. Running around (I do this alot!!)
4. Commando…
5. Put on a cool look whenever my humans “converse” with me.
6. Conversing with my friends
7. Fighting/Chasing/Give glare to this creature called CAT
8. Performing “tricks”. Actually, I’m just flexing my muscles. Humans are so easily entertained…

and finally,

9. My daily inspection of the neighbourhood. Humans call this “Kai Kai”.. Don’t know what it really means but it makes me want to tilt my head from side-to-side.

**Yawn**… Time for my 100th nap of the day. My humans are concerned that I’m turning into a CAT. I’ll get into that subject one day…


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