That darn squirrel

I have just been fed by my humans and am full now, thank you. However, I wouldn’t mind a bit of cheese or anything tasty that you might be having right now… 😉

Right now, my human is watching some ball been hit between two other humans on the Box Which Makes Sounds and Moving Pictures. Frankly, if it were me, that ball would be much happier with me, taking it elsewhere to be licked, bitten, slobbered and loved all over.

Anyway, the highlight of my day was chasing that darn squirrel. It had the nerve to come into My Area. I was very close to catching it… Always… soooo close… I still smell the squirrel. It is always nearby. I must patrol every night to watch out for cats and other small creatures. Always, my humans must lock me in at night. Every night I have to command them to open up for me to go out. *Sigh*, why don’t they understand that if I do not chase these creatures, My Area would be overrun by them??

Snoopy Chase Squirrel

My human has caught this photo of me and the squirrel. Hmmmm… They find it so amusing, to me, its a serious matter. If I do not keep up my vigilence, My Area would be overrun by these creatures. Before my coming, my humans had a lot of problems with Those Flying Things Which Poop All Over. By my hard work, their numbers decrease day by day.

*Yawn*… Time to get on with my scheduled sleep. The humans term it “Doo-doo time”… If I play my cards right, tonight I may get a treat of peanut-butter from The Human Who Plays Golf.. ^_^



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